You have 8.5 by 11 inches to tell your entire professional story.

Fitting your story as a professional in a single page leaves you with little room to spare. Your résumé and cover letter need to draw a recruiter into your experience in less time than it takes for them to move on to the next application. That is a lot to accomplish in six seconds.

WRK will treat your cover letter like a love letter.

You don’t need to be Shakespeare or Toni Morrison to compose the next chapter in your career. You just need a well-written résumé and cover letter that stir the hearts of those who read your application. Leave the next hiring manager with anticipation for your interview. Employers spend hours developing the perfect job description and they deserve more than a cookie-cutter CV that you use for every job opening.

WRK will make every second count.

It takes recruiters an average of six seconds to determine if you are the right fit for the job. A sleek and smart design is critical to make your strengths stand out. If you won’t show up to an interview looking disheveled don’t let your résumé or CV show up without its own polish.

WRK is ready to share your professional experience in style.

Go to WRK on your RÉSUMÉ and receive:

  • 1-2 page custom cover letter and résumé or CV tailored to your experience and professional goals with up to two re-writes
  • Custom design to increase readability and comprehension
  • Research tailored for a specific position and company to help you write a compelling application
  • Up to 2 file types provided (PDF and/or Illustrator File)


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